Watch Evangelisation - Part 4

Watch Evangelisation - Part 4


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Evangelisation - Part 4

Evangelisation: 4 Part Series - Tim Staples • 1h 0m

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    Black and White: Moral Clarity in a World of Grey
    In this third talk, Tim demonstrates theological and moral principles for action in the Christian life that can transform us in our daily lives. From the way we treat our neighbor at the grocery store, to the way that we witness the Faith to the g...

  • Evangelisation - Part 2

    Catholicism for Skeptics
    In his second talk, Tim will take you from no faith at all to the four marks of the Church. Whether you are a skeptic yourself or if you want to learn how to share your faith with someone who does not believe, this talk is for you. Tim will show you how you can demonstrat...

  • Evangelisation - Part 1

    Evangelisation: What is it and why do we need it?
    This talk emphasises evangelisation as essential to the Church's mission and identity. Evangelisation is not an option for Christians, it is part and parcel of who we are as followers of Christ.