Deacon Alex Jones

Deacon Alex Jones

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Deacon Alex Jones
  • Alex Jones' Conversion Story - Deacon Alex Jones

    In this DVD, you’ll discover the sacrificial yet triumphant journey of a man of deep integrity and love for Christ. Reverend Alex Jones promised his congregation a real New Testament worship service. In thirty short days of reading the Fathers of the Church, he came face-to-face with the Truth.


  • Finding God in the Wilderness - Deacon Alex Jones

    Catholic convert and former Pentecostal Pastor Alex Jones preaches on the splendor of the Catholic Faith in a powerful talk. He reflects on the mystery of suffering; on God’s love and forgiveness: and on the beauty and power of the Sacraments.

    Like death and taxes, none of us can escape sufferin...

  • 33 A.D. Founded by Christ: An Insight into the Early Church - Deacon Alex Jones

    Do you desire to understand more deeply the astonishing teaching of Jesus and the persuasive testimony of the Early Church? Have you ever been frustrated dealing with skeptics in order to affirm the historical claims in the Bible? Do you ever feel like one of the disciples at Emmaus - confused, o...

  • What to Do When Loved Ones Leave - Deacon Alex Jones

    According to popular speaker Alex Jones, we live in an exciting time of true Catholic Renaissance. He points to the many prominent converts and the fact that today the Catholic Church is the largest Christian body in the world.

    Unfortunately, the second largest is made up of ex-Catholics. Why do...