Steve Ray

Steve Ray

Steve Ray is a convert to the Catholic Church and the author of three best-selling Ignatius Press books (Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock, and St. John’s Gospel).

He speaks at conferences around the world. He is a regular guest on The Journey Home and has appeared on many other radio and TV programs, including Fox News.

He is writer, producer and host of the 10-part video/DVD series The Footprints of God: the Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine filmed entirely on location in the Holy Land and surrounding countries. Steve and his wife Janet and are certified guides to the Holy Land and lead pilgrimages throughout the Middle East and Rome.

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Steve Ray
  • How to Talk to Non-Believers - Steve Ray

    Defending Catholicism against the ignorance and prejudice of Fundamentalists, Mormons is often difficult and discouraging. In this classic apologetics talk, Steve Ray a Catholic apologist shows how making the case for the Church with non-Catholics can be done in a way that is effective and profit...

  • Christ Their Hope - Steve Ray

    Suffering and Martyrdom in the Early Church

  • Confronting Atheism - Steve Ray

    In this talk presented in Sydney, Australia you will learn how atheism as a world-view cannot be true because it inevitably leads to contradictions that even atheists can't live with! You'll be able to prove why unbelief inevitably leads to the destruction of morality, meaning, and even knowledge...

  • PETER: The Rock, The Keys, The Chair - Steve Ray

    In this talk, Steve (a former Evangelical Protestant and Bible teacher) discusses the Jewish background to Peter and the papacy.

    By using the Bible, history, geography, archaeology and common sense, Steve makes it clear that Peter and the papacy were Jesus’ plan from the beginning - and how this...