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  • The Death of the West - Robert M. Haddad

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    While the Western world sees itself as modern, wealthy and progressive, it is currently undergoing a profound existential crisis. This crisis threatens faith, family and our understanding of truth. However, what the West is currently undergoing is not something new; it occurred also to the Roman ...

  • Your Truth, My Truth - Karlo Broussard

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    “It may be true for you, but not for me.”

    How often have you heard this during a discussion with friends or family, or maybe in an online debate?

    Whether you’re talking about faith, morality, politics, or just the basic notion of truth, it seems that so many people are captive to the notion of ...

  • How to Build Authentic Intimacy - Simon Carrington

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    What is authentic intimacy?
    In this presentation, Simon powerfully presents the truth that nothing is as important or urgent as the relationships in our lives. Find out how to commit each day to building strong, Intimate and deeply powerful relationships.

  • How Islam Led Me Back to Christ - Charbel Raish

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    Charbel Raish was born into a Catholic home. But, in the last 6 years of school, he was influenced and challenged in his faith by Islamic friends. In his final year, he struggled to make a choice. He visited a mosque to give his life to Allah and Muhamed. But God wasn’t done with him yet. Charbel...