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  • How Islam Le Me Back to Christ - C.Raish - E-Book

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    Charbel Raish was born into a Catholic home. But, in the last 6 years of school, he was influenced and challenged in his faith by Islamic friends. In his final year, he struggled to make a choice. He visited a mosque to give his life to Allah and Muhamed. But God wasn’t done with him yet. Charbel...

  • The Law of Attraction - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

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    Deacon Harold explains why the relationship between a man and a woman is so unique, so special and so unrepeatable. Deacon presents this explanation by looking at the topic from the perspectives of theology, biology and sociology.

  • What Ever Happened to the Modern World?-Cy Kellett

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    The modern era, which was supposed to be all about progress and reason, has gotten itself into serious trouble. In many ways the modern world has become unfit for real people, and as it progresses, it becomes even less so. We cannot make a society fit for humans until we admit that the modern wor...

  • The Pursuit of Happiness - Dcn Harold Burke-Sivers

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    In this talk, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers will explore the difference between "true happiness" and "feeling good" consider the ideological factors that hinder and impede the pursuit of happiness, examine the relationship between the Holy Spirit's Gift of Knowledge and the desire for happiness, and...